Doorkins, the "heart stealer"

Created by Elizabeth 3 years ago

I first met Doorkins at the Cathedral in 2010 (I believe), accidentally in the sense I had not yet heard her story.  Over the next several years I saw her occasionally.  In September 2018 I hit what I call the "Doorkins jackpot"!  I was able to sit close for about 15 minutes and watch her walking around under the tower and into the south transept.

Doorkins' story touched my heart---no, she stole my heart.  The faith of little Doorkins in learning to trust and adopt the Cathedral as her home is wonderful.  I was sad that she was caught up in the London Bridge attacks. She must have been so scared, and never left the Cathedral again.  Through her Twitter, book, and cards she must have touched the lives and hearts of tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people across the world.  Through her work with Cat Cuddles she touched the lives of many other cats.  She lives on, every time my niece reads her Doorkins book, or I look at her tile hanging above my kitchen sink and her stained glass in my window, or send one of Celia Pike's gorgeous cards.  Thank you, a million times, to the Cathedral for caring for her, and to Doorkins herself.  Rest in peace, Doorkins.

Elizabeth from Chicago