Lit by Sakura October 3rd, 2020
A couple years ago, I went to London as one of the plaaces I was visiting during my Europe trip. My mother wanted to go to Southwark Cathedral, so I didn't really have a choice. At that time, I did not know who Doorkins was. After exploring the cathedral for a little while, I stumbled upon her. I am an avid cat lover, so of course I had to pet her. She was just so adorable. After, at the gift shop, I found a book relating to Doorkins, and was very surprised by how popular she really was, because before I thought she was just an ordinary cat. I believe I was very lucky to have met such a fine cat, and now it has left me with a story to tell my friends and family whenever they ask about our trip. Doorkins is always the first thing I brought up, and it pains me endlessly to know that she is gone. Doorkins will always be in my thoughts.
This candle went out on 17th October 2020.